Holiday sickness claims

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Sickness on holiday is common, and it’s not always caused by poor hygiene. Sometimes we just get sick due to a change in diet or through too much sun. However, occasionally an establishment can be to blame for outbreaks of food poisoning.

In most cases guests get ill from re-heated meat dishes, seafood, dairy products, salads, or when food has not been prepared properly. Often large groups of holidaymakers fall sick at the same time, having all eaten the same food or dined at the same buffet.

If you are unfortunate enough to have contracted food poisoning while on holiday you may be able to claim compensation for your illness and your financial losses. The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations Act 1992 say that a tour operator has responsibility for all the different parts of the holiday package. Transport, accommodation, and food are therefore all covered by this legislation.

Your tour operator is legally responsible for ensuring that the services which make up the package holiday are provided with reasonable care and skill. The Act extends the tour operator’s liability further by making it responsible for its supplier’s performance. 

However, it is down to the traveler to prove their case. The Regulations say that the expected standard of skill and care will be considered in relation to the reasonable standards in the country where the incident happened. It is also important to bear in mind that there are time limits which apply to holiday sickness claims. Therefore it is essential to seek specialist legal advice quickly if you have had sickness on holiday.

The more evidence you have of booking details, the food eaten, where the food was from, as well as any evidence of diagnosis from a medical professional the easier it will be when you come to claim compensation.

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Can I make a holiday sickness claim?