Somerset settlement agreement solicitors in Taunton

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We specialise in advising employees on settlement agreements (sometimes referred to as compromise agreements).

When an employer and employee agree to part company, the termination of employment is often dealt with by way of a formal agreement between the parties known as a settlement agreement.

Settlement agreements are commonly used where a dispute has arisen and the parties have agreed the terms upon which the employment contract will be terminated.

Settlement agreements are legally enforceable, but it is a requirement that the employee seeks independent legal advice; which is where we come in.

The good news for employees is that our service can usually be provided without charge to them as it is customary for the employer to pay our fees.

So, if you have been offered a settlement agreement and need independent specialist legal advice then contact us for a chat and details of the service we can provide.

If you are looking for specialist settlement agreement solicitors in Somerset then call us for free initial advice on Taunton (01823) 354545 or send an email to us at [email protected]



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