Separation and divorce can be very stressful. People are called upon to make major life decisions at a time when emotions are running high and people are at their most vulnerable. These could be decisions about family, home, work, money or children, and the consequences of those decisions are likely to be long lasting.

As an innovative law firm we like to take an holistic approach to separation and divorce. As part of this process we can offer clients access to Personal Life Coaching. We appreciate that although the legal aspects of a relationship breakdown will demand the services of specialist family law solicitor, there is often a role to be played by a Personal Life Coach, particularly in providing important emotional, practical and solution based support.

This  collaboration between lawyer and Life Coach can be hugely beneficial and rewarding for clients who are separating and going through an unsettling time in their lives.

One particular life coach we work with in Somerset and beyond is Viv Grant. You can read all about the services Viv is able to offer on her website website Viv aims to help people transform their lives during periods of personal and professional transition. She provides a safe, relaxed environment where her clients can critically reflect and engage in informed coaching conversations. She enables clients to gain insights into how people undergoing divorce and separation can manage their changing needs .

Viv Grant offers a free 30 minute introductory discussion. This is designed to enable clients to discover more about the coaching process and the costs that will be involved.

If you feel that you might benefit from life coaching our family lawyers in Taunton will be happy to referral for you. Alternatively you can contact Viv direct at [email protected]




The benefits of personal life coaching