Taunton abuse lawyer, Elizabeth Duncan, appeared on BBC Radio Somerset to discuss the conviction of youth football coach Bob Higgins

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Sexual abuse in football in back in the headlines again. Bob Higgins, a youth football coach for teams like Southampton, has been found guilty of abusing boys throughout the 70s, through to the 90s.

He attained a ‘godlike’ status at the clubs where he worked. The young players looked up to him and thought he could make them into the soccer stars they dreamed of becoming. He used this position of trust to carry out his sickening abuse.

Finally Higgins has been brought to justice, being convicted of 45 counts of indecent assault involving 24 boys at Bournemouth Crown Court.

The Football Association has set up an independent review into child sex abuse allegations in the game and will examine the Higgins case. Clearly lessons need to be learned

Elizabeth, who helps victims of sexual abuse recover compensation, explained that while money in itself cannot take away the pain, it can help victims of abuse achieve closure. It also allows people to access private therapies that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them. She told Charlie Taylor of BBC Somerset that if there has been a conviction in the criminal courts then that evidence can be used to support a compensation claim in the civil courts.

Charlie asked Elizabeth whether sexual abuse was a particular problem for soccer. She said that it was a problem encountered in all sports, not just football.

He also asked her about legal costs and whether abuse victims could afford lawyer’s fees. Taunton abuse lawyer Elizabeth told him that she is always happy to provide intitial guidance free of charge and can work on a No Win, No Fee basis if a compensation claim is made.

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Taunton lawyer discusses abuse in football on BBC