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Taunton solicitor wins inheritance claim trial

Tue, 08/27/2019 - 09:48 -- Slee Blackwell

Taunton solicitor Chris Green has won an Inheritance Act claim that went to a fully contested trial.

The claim was made by a step son against his step father’s estate. It was defended by our client’s step brother.

His step father had died without leaving a will. Under the intestacy rules it is only biological children who inherit. Step children receive nothing unless they have been officially adopted.

This struck our client as unfair, especially as his step father had inherited his mother’s estate when she died some years earlier. He believed that she would have wanted him to benefit.

He therefore decided to bring an Inheritance Act claim and appointed Taunton solicitor Chris Green of Slee Blackwell Solicitors who agreed to work on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Most Inheritance claims settle out of court, often at mediation. However the step brother in this case refused to compromise and the claim proceeded all the way to a fully contested trial.

Chris Green’s assessment of the merits of the case was shared by the trial judge. Highlighting the claimant's health issues, his inability to work, his low standard of living, the size of the estate and the fact that the estate included assets from his mother, the judge ruled in our client’s favour.

An award of £70,000 was made.

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