Trucker praises “exceptional” lawyer

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A trucker has received substantial compensation after suffering a terrible injury at work. He described Elizabeth Duncan, who is based in our Taunton office, as an “exceptional lawyer”.

The accident happened at a depot in France. The carcasses he was delivering had been hung on hooks in the trailer. After delivery he was securing the hooks when one of them hit him in the face. It split his cornea and although it was stitched back it caused him to develop a cataract. As a consequence of the accident the trucker was left with left with impaired vision in his injured eye. He also suffered severe headaches.

Elizabeth, who dealt with his compensation claim on a no win, no fee basis, was able to convince the trucker’s employer to admit they had failed to provide a safe system of work and were therefore legally responsible to pay him compensation.

Elizabeth arranged for him to be seen by various medical experts including an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, an ENT surgeon and a psychologist.

His employers made an offer to settle the claim for £100,000, but on Elizabeth’s advice that offer was rejected and we carried on with the claim. They then increased their offer which was again rejected.

We eventually negotiated an out of court settlement for more than twice their original offer.

Elizabeth arranged for the trucker to receive expert financial advice to ensure that his compensation will be soundly invested and give him long tern financial security. She also created a trust to ensure that he continues to receive means tested state benefits.

At the conclusion of the claim he said that Elizabeth’s qualities marked her out as “exceptional, instead of just good.” He said she was easy to talk to, and would have no hesitation in recommending her to other injury victims who are looking for an experienced lawyer to deal with their compensation claim.

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