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Solicitor featured in The Sun

Wed, 12/14/2016 - 09:22 -- Slee Blackwell

Expert dog bite solicitor, James McNally, has had another of his cases hit the national headlines.

This time The Sun has covered the story of an Amazon delivery driver who has been fired after a customer complained he kicked her door because her dog bit him.

The dog, a jackadoodle called Jess, bit the driver as he posted a slip through the letterbox to inform the family that he had tried to deliver a parcel.

Suffolk Police were involved but no action was taken.

The driver, who is being represented by James says he was only trying to pull his hand free from the dog’s jaws. He says he didn't hit the door hard or with sufficient force to break the lock as alleged. He denies having done anything wrong and feels he is being victimized.

James, who is a partner at Slee Blackwell Solicitors, is quoted in The Sun as saying:

“The law in relation to dangerous dogs has changed and the police can now prosecute dog owners if attacks take place on private property, but what we really need to be looking at is preventing these attacks in the first place. Dog owners need to stop being surprised when their dog bites someone. No matter how friendly your dog may seem it is always a possibility.”

James went on to say that the owner of the dog was aware it was territorial, but she only fitted a letter box cage after the attack had occurred. If a cage had been fitted before there is no doubt the incident could have been avoided. James added that his client’s case was very unfortunate:

“Regardless of any of the allegations about what took place after the event what isn’t in doubt is that he was bitten by Jess and it was all so completely avoidable.”

You can read the story in full at:

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