Our specialist team of abuse lawyers is based at our office in Taunton. Obviously the sensitive subject nature of the cases we deal with prevents us from publicising much of the work we do. However, here are highlights of some recent cases we have successfully handled:


Case of SH

We represented a young woman who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her headtmaster whilst at primary school. Despite her tender age, she was brave enough to talk about the abuse to her parents. However, although they mediately reported the abuse to the school their concerns were dismissed and no decisive action was taken. Unfortunately the head went on to abuse other young girls in his care. Some years later when our client was a young adult, she was approached by the Police to give evidence in a criminal action that was being taken against her former headteacher. The criminal trial proved to be an extremely traumatic process. The headteacher maintained his innocence and was supported by a number of witnesses. However, he was ultimately found guilty of sexually abusing our client as well as a number of other young girls. Following the difficult criminal trial, our client attempted to put the matter behind her but it continued to play on her mind and impacted on her adult life. She decided to bring a civil claim in the hope that this would allow her to obtain closure and sought our assistance. Despite the matter being 16 years out of time, we were able to bring the claim as an ‘historic’ sex abuse case, where the usual limitation period is disapplied. The case was funded on a No Win – No Fee basis and after investigating and preparing the case we were successful in recovering an award of compensation for our client. 


Case of IW

Following our notable successes in obtaining compensation for survivors of abuse which took place at the Bryn Estyn children’s home in North Wales, new challenges were faced in thie case of IW who had attended Ysgol Talfryn school. Our client described horrific incidents of physical abuse during his time at the school, as well as serious sexual abuse. He remained traumatised by these experiences which continued to affect him throughout his adult life. Although the Police investigated the allegations, there was insufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution. We were therefore consulted about bringing a civil action for compensation. The claim was vigourously defended by Flintshire County Council. They relied on the fact that the incidents dated back almost 30 years and that any claim was out of time. We also faced difficulties in obtaining key evidence due to the passage of time. Despite this, we agreed to take the case on under a No Win – No Fee agreement. Our judgemnet was proved to be correct and an out of court settlement was eventually reached.  For our cliebnt however it was never just about the money. He felt that his success in the civil action amounted to long awaited recognition of the traumatic experiences he had suffered.


Case of AC

Our client was a council employee. In her role she worked closely with the police force. Unfortunately she started receiving unwanted attention from an employee of the police. This involved inappropriate comments and sexual touching. This abusive behaviour escalated over time, culminating in a final traumatic incident. We were appointed, again on a No Win – No Fee basis, to bring a civil claim. The claim was directed against both our client’s employers and the employers of the man who had perptrated the sexual assaults. Both Defendants strenuously denied responsibility for the sexual assaults . As they refused to negotiate court proceedings were commenced against both parties. As is often the case in these claims, the commencement of court proceedings led to the defendants adopting a more conciliatory approach and ultimately the case was settled out of court with our client receiving compensation for the ordeal she had suffered.


Thes case studies illustrate the type of work our specialist abuse team undertake both here in Somerset and across the whole of England and Wales.


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Abuse Claim Case Studies