Cavity wall insulation (CWI) litigation continues to be a hot topic in 2016 as further evidence emerges of serious damage to a significant proportion of the nation’s housing stock arising from CWI.

Problems associated with faulty or inappropriate CWI installations include damp, condensation and mold.

Our experienced litigation lawyers are able to help worried property owners resolve these issues and recover compensation to repair their home and have unsuitable insulation removed.

CIGA Guarantees

Many CWI installations have the benefit of a guarantee from CIGA (the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency). A CIGA Guarantee covers defective materials and substandard workmanship for 25 years. And it doesn’t matter if you weren’t the owner of the property when the CWI was installed as the guarantee remains valid for subsequent owners of a property. Dealing with CIGA can be a challenge, but we can handle matters on your behalf if you don’t wish to deal with the claim yourself.

Located in Somerset and Devon

We have offices in Somerset and Devon. The South West of England is particularly prone to cavity wall insulation problems as a result of the strong coastal winds and extensive rainfall in our region.

When contemplating a CWI claim we will consider whether cavity wall insulation was suitable for the individual property. The standard of workmanship and material used will also need to be reviewed.

We will work with expert surveyors specialising in properties that have suffered damage as a result of cavity wall insulation.

As interest in CWI claims grows it is attracting the attention of unqualified claims companies. By contrast we are qualified solicitors, so by choosing us to deal with your case you will have the peace of mind of knowing that we are not only experienced litigation lawyers but are regulated by the SRA and fully insured.

No Win – No Fee – No Success Fee

We are able to pursue CWI cases on a No Win – No Fee basis which means that if you don’t succeed then you wont have to pay our fees.

When a No Win – No Fee claim is won a ‘Success Fee’ is usually charged. However, for a limited period we are offering to waive our success fee on CWI claims where the compensation awarded exceeds £10,000.


For a free initial assessment of your claim and further details of our No Win – No Fee – No Success Fee funding call us on 01823 354545.

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims in Somerset & Devon