Taunton inheritance lawyer, Naomi Ireson, wins important case in the  Court of Appeal

Taunton inheritance lawyer Naomi Ireson has made the headlines in the legal press with her client’s victory in the Court of Appeal. If you are looking for a local expert in inheritance disputes then you can call Naomi on 01823 354545 for a free case assessment or send an email  to [email protected]

the case (Ely v Robson, 2016 EWCA Civ 774) centred around a dispute between two cohabitants and whether an oral agreement they had reached was binding  upon them, despite the absence of witnesses.

The agreement had been reached between Mr Ely and Ms Robson when their relationship came to an end. There was a one-to-one meeting between the pair on a park bench in Poole when agreement was reached, but the terms of the settlement were never put in writing. Ms Robson subsequently challenged that agreement, arguing that 50% of a house owned by Mr Ely in which she had been living with him belonged to her.  Mr Ely disputed this claim of ownership. He said that Ms Robson was not entitled to a 50% share and this is not what the pair had agreed when they decided to go their separate ways. Mr Ely therefore appointed inheritance dispute specialist Naomi to defend the claim.

When the case came to trial Mr Ely was victorious. However, Ms Robson decided to challenge the judge’s decision and take the case to the Court of Appeal.

Mr Ely, was again represented by Taunton inheritance lawyer Naomi, and a barrister from chambers in Bristol, and was again successful. The court’s original decision was upheld by Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Brian Leveson in the Court of Appeal. The judges ruled that the oral agreement reached between the Mr Ely and Ms Robson was binding upon them.

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